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Real Estate Sign Information

Real Estate Sign Permit Application


Real Estate Sign Indicating For Rent/Sale/Lease

Lot size LESS than 35,000 sq ft6 foot square sign

  • Sign size: 6 sq ft maximum
  • Typical use: Single Family Residence 

Lot size GREATER than 35,000 sq ft on private property32 foot sign

  • Sign size: 32 sq ft maximum

Open House SignOpen House Sign

  • Sign Size: 4 sq ft maximum 
  • Maximum: 3 signs off premises 
  • Display sign only allowed when Seller Representative is at property  


Real Estate Directional Sign12 foot sign

  • Sign Size: 12 sq ft maximum
  • Fee: $15 per sign for 6 months
  • Signs must be 500 feet apart
  • SIGNS ALLOWED PER INTERSECTION: 1 per development with a maximum of 2 signs total per intersection sign applications


  • Arrow, bullet, bandit, directional sign on a single stake pounded into ground.
    Signs are typically less than 2 sq ft indicating direction to house and/or company.
  • All other signage (such as banners, balloons, flags, or pennants) are subject to permit requirements as described in Temporary Event Signage

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