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Business License Fees

City of Renton Business License fees are based on total hours worked in a year by all personnel; including corporate officers, partners, family, etc., regardless if a salary is paid or not. You are billed at the end of each anniversary date of the business's original application for a City Business License. This annual report must be paid each year to keep your license valid.

If your business is located outside the City limits and you are coming into the City to do business a license is required. You may pay for an entire year or obtain a Temporary Business License, good for 90 days for a $50.00 fee. Temporary Business Licenses are available to in-city businesses as well, who anticipate only a short need (90 days) for a license.




Business License Fees 

 Total hours worked for reporting period: ( this includes all hours worked by owners, family, employees – paid or unpaid)

Total Hours Worked:____________________

If total hours worked are 1920 or less then STOP HERE and pay the minimum license fee of $110.00

Over 1920 hours – Calculate business license fee as follows:

    Multiply estimated hours worked   ________________  x .034   =   $_________________  

    Plus Base License Fee of:                                                        $                   45.00

    Total  Business License Fee Due:                                                    $_________________





Download a Home Occupation application.     
Download a Commercial business license form.