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East Renton Plateau Prezoning

State law allows for cities to establish zoning for areas that may be annexed in the future, although the County's zoning is in place until annexation occurs.  "Prezoning" allows residents to see what land use regulations Renton would put in place if annexation occurred, and must be consistent with the City's Comprehensive Plan.

In 2006, the City formed an advisory citizen task force to help with the prezoning process for East Renton.  In November 2006, a public meeting was held at Liberty High School.  Information made available to attendees included the following:

The Renton Planning Commission reviewed the Task Force Recommendation and made a modified prezoning recommendation.  In December 2006, the Renton City Council adopted the Planning Commission recommendation for the prezoning for this area.

Information about annexations, including one page information sheets, is available on the Annexations page