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People are choosing Renton.

The City of Renton is a terrific place to do business.  The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco built its new Seattle branch facility in Renton and the Seattle Seahawks constructed a new corporate headquarters and training facility along Lake Washington.  Read on to learn why leaders in business and development have made Renton their choice to do business.


Wizards Logo  

"This is our home in every sense of the word.  We were born here.  We have been successful here.  We love it here.  Why would we ever leave?"
Loren Greenwood, CEO
Wizards of the Coast 
July 1, 2005 - The Business of Magic: Wizards of the Coast has cast a spell over gamers worldwide; Media Inc.

 Harvest Partners Landing


"[Renton is] a little gem that sits between two big, powerhouse areas."  "Renton is a classic example of a major city whose demographics of five years ago will be completely different five years from now."
Bob Baker, Principal
Harvest Partners
November 25, 2005 - Mega-project takes shape at former Boeing site; Puget Sound Business Journal
 ER Solutions
"During the five years we have been in Renton, we have seen the fastest growth in our 55 year history.  Renton has been an excellent area to recruit and hire quality people.  When our previous lease expired there was no question that we wanted to remain in this area. "
Steve Hunter, President
ER Solutions, Inc (ERS)
September 14, 2005 - ERS press release
 Seahawks Logo


"Over the last ten years there has been a drastic shift in the importance of team practice facilities to the development and recruitment of players, this facility will help solidify a new era in Seahawks history and the location along the water is as beautiful as any in the league."
Tim Ruskell, President of Football Operations
Seattle Seahawks
May 9, 2006 Press Release
   Fry's Logo


"This was the most favorable area for us strategically.  It was in a good position geographically, and it has good freeway access with the idea that it's situated in a good area regionally that people from several communities have access."
Manuel Valerio, Spokesman
Fry's Electronics
August 3, 2005 - Renton's business allure continues to attract big names; Renton Reporter 
     FED logo


"We greatly appreciate the cooperation and support lent by the City of Renton throughout this process, and we look forward to working with Boeing and the City on this important project."
Mark Gould, Manager
Seattle Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank
November 8, 2004 - City of Renton press release for new Federal Reserve Bank branch in Renton
 Popeyes again


"Renton has a very a strong, not only business environment, but community with a big customer and employee base…"
Steve Downs, Owner
Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits, Renton
August 3, 2005 - Renton's business allure continues to attract big names; Renton Reporter
 M Gardens LogoMerrill Gardens
"South King County, especially the Renton area, is on our industry's radar screen right now."  "We looked at the demographic trends in that area and decided it was time for us to move.  The sale of the Boeing property near the lake and the mall that will replace it will draw people.  The transit hub in downtown Renton provides easy transportation.  All that and the availability of the old McLendon Hardware site made it attractive to move."
Steven Delmore, Executive Vice President
Merrill Gardens
May 20, 2005 - The look of community living is changing dramatically; South County Business Report

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