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Sunset Area In the News

Sunset Lane NE Realignment


The design and construction improvements to Sunset Lane NE will improve and support all forms of mobility. The improvements will enhance the Sunset neighborhood’s roadways and utility features include raised intersections, new curb and gutter, upgraded pedestrian ramps and crosswalks, street lighting, and streetscape elements such as street trees. The project is to be completed in summer 2017.

Sunset Neighborhood Park - Phase I


The new 3.2-acre high performance park is located on part of the former Sunset Terrace public housing site that will transform the area by providing active recreation opportunities, bicycle routes, complete streets, and several storm water features. In all, the park will provide a common gathering place for people to spend time in, create a sense of place and increase community cohesion.
Phase I of the project includes restrooms, an open space lawn, benches, two plazas, an entry sign, trellis with seating, neighborhood promenade, paved walkways, interpretive signage, and the property acquisition and three parcel assemblage, has been fully funded by the state and city and will be completed by December 2017.

Phase II of the project includes construction of park amenities which will include a teen/adult fitness area, two children’s play areas (ages 2-5 and 5-12), water feature, picnic area, looped walkways, pergola with seating, gazebo and art. Phase II project costs are estimated at $4 million which the city is actively working to secure funding to complete the project. The overall project will enhance the use of the Renton Highlands Library, support the new housing presence in the area, and provide significant opportunities for existing residents.

Highlands to The Landing Pedestrian Connection


Construction of the sidewalk created pedestrian connectivity between the Highlands Urban Center (Renton Highlands/Sunset Area) and the Downtown North Urban Center (The Landing/Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park). The project was initially identified as a priority community investment by the Highlands Phase II Task Force which included residents, businesses, and elected officials from the Renton Highlands/Sunset Area.

JPMorgan Chase Foundation grant to Homestead
 JPMorgan grant feb 2017

JP Morgan Chase Foundation Awards $500,000 to develop affordable homeownership for low-to-middle income residents. Homestead Community Land Trust will partner with the Renton Housing Authority and City to develop up to 12 units in the Sunset area.

Viet-Wah Celebrates Grand Opening

 Viet_Wah Grandopening

View-Wah celebrates grand opening of the 16,000 sq. ft. Asian market on Sunset Boulevard in fall of 2016 with a ribbon cutting and lion dance. The new market features fresh premium meats, fresh seafood and produce, and an Asian deli.

New Renton Highlands Library now Open

Highlands Library

The new Renton Highlands Library opened in March 2016 with more than twice as much space as the old library and a greater capacity to accommodate laptops and computers, an expanded children's section, a new section for teenagers and more meeting and study rooms. The library is located on the corner of Northeast Sunset Boulevard and Northeast 10th Street.

Sunset Neighborhood Park - Master Plan


The future 3.2 acre public park will be located on part of the former Sunset Terrace public housing site, adjacent to the new Renton Highlands Library. The Sunset Neighborhood Park will include a teen/adult fitness area, two children play areas, water features, a picnic area, walkways, pergolas with seating, a gazebo, and art. The first phase of construction is scheduled for 2017.

The City and Renton Housing Authority Celebrates Completion of the Glennwood Townhomes

Glenwood Opening

The City and Renton Housing Authority Celebrates Completion of the Glennwood Townhomes with eight four-bedroom units. The project provides replacement housing for the Sunset Terrace public housing project and is part of the Sunset Area Community Investment Strategy adopted by the City in 2009.