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South Lake Washington Frequently Asked Questions

Will the size of Coulon Park be affected by these projects?

The size of Coulon Park will not be changed by these projects

Will parking or access to Coulon Park be affected by these projects?

Parking and access to the park will be temporarily affected throughout the projects, and we will
do our best to communicate any major impact to the community.
During construction, both Ivar's and Kidd Valley will remain open.

Will transit service in the Kennydale area be affected by these projects?

Transit service may be affected temporarily during construction but will not be permanently

I am a business owner or resident in the Kennydale area, how will I be impacted by these projects?

Currently the greatest traffic impact in this area will be an additional four-second delay at traffic

How is the city of Renton going to fund the road and traffic improvements that are part of the construction projects?

Road and traffic improvements are not being funded by the city of Renton, but by the project's developers.

How can I stay updated on the construction and traffic projects?

Stay updated on the progress of these projects by checking this page frequently, and following us on social media, City of Renton at both Facebook and Twitter.

Are there any upcoming project-related meetings or events?

There are no additional meetings planned for these projects but feel free to forward your
comments/concerns to: