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Tax Incentives

High Technology Sales & Use Tax Deferral/Waiver

Available to:
Businesses conducting R&D and pilot scale manufacturing in the fields of:

  • Advanced computing
  • Advanced materials
  • Biotechnology
  • Electronic device technology
  • Environmental technology

Qualifying Activity:
Certain construction and equipment purchases for new and expanding businesses.

Machinery and Equipment (M&E) Sales & Use Tax Exemption  

Available To:

  • “Manufacturers and processors for hire,” performing manufacturing and research and development roles and positions.
  • Testing operations on machinery, assembly lines and for the purpose of research and development for a “manufacturer and processor for hire” are additionally covered on this exemption.

Qualifying Activity:
Purchase of qualifying machinery and equipment used directly in a manufacturing operation or research and development performed by a manufacturer, or testing operations performed for a manufacturer.

Washington Customized Employment Training Program – B&O Tax Credit   

Available to:

  • All Washington employers.

Qualifying Activity and Benefit:

  • Payments currently being made or arranged to be made to the Employment Training Finance Account through the Customized Employment Training. 25% payment due at completion of training and the balance within 18 months Program for customized employee training.
  • Business tax credit will equal 50% of payment to Employment Training Finance Account.