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Top Five Reasons to do Business in Renton

  1. Renton has available, well-situated and affordable office and manufacturing space for purchase or lease.
  2. No local Business & Occupation Tax.
  3. Renton is home to many industry leading corporations and innovative organizations.
  4. Center of extensive regional and international transportation network, with Seatac Airport being just 6 miles away and Downtown Seattle just 15 minutes away.
  5. Great schools, affordable housing and exceptional health care.

Ahead of the Curve

Renton is the center of opportunity in the Puget Sound region where businesses and families thrive. The City has created an environment that supports business development while enhancing its quality of life. Community leaders nurture entrepreneurial spirit and foster successful partnerships. Bold economic development plans have diversified the City's employment base and strategically positioned Renton for the future. For these reasons and many more, Renton is the right choice.

State of the City

City Vision

Renton. The Center of Opportunity

Renton. The Right Location  

Renton. The Right Investment

Economic Growth and Amenities 

The City of Renton has seen dramatic growth not only in the expansion of Boeing and the diverse businesses that have located in and brought jobs to the City, but also in the variety of shopping, eating and amenities available for residents. With the beautiful addition of The Landing and the Downtown Renton investment, there are many options available to meet both residents and commuting employees basic and luxury needs and amenities.

The Landing- Rediscover Renton, Explore the Landing

Boeing 737 Max Ad (January 2012)

The World of Film Comes to Renton- SIFF 

Valley Medical Center and UW Medical Ad

Demographics and Maps

Of the ten most populated cities in Washington State as of 2010, the City of Renton has had the most dramatic and fastest population increase with an unparalleled 82% growth!

Demographics Summary (2010) 

Downtown Character Map 

Zoning Map 

Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map

Renton in the News

Take a glance at Renton in the news to learn more about the exciting business growth, development efforts and community activities being showcased.  

Boeing celebrates 4,000 Next-Generation 737 (4/13/12) 

Boeing Lauds 737 Plant (1/11/12) 

Best of Both Worlds – The Landing (5/2/11) 

Boeing to add 1,200 jobs for 737 ramp-up (3/4/11) 

Valley Medical, UW Medicine explore region’s latest alliance (01/21/11) 

Boeing signs 40-year lease with Renton Airport (5/19/10) 

Something Old, Something New (5/03/09) 

Gene Coulon Park: A haven for water enthusiast and family traditions (July 2007)

A tour of Renton’s new ‘bank of banks’ – Federal Reserve Bank (4/12/08) 

Homes with a view!  Barbee Mill (4/12/08) 

Bigger, safer and stronger; It’s an exciting time in Renton (3/2/08) 

Families to empty nesters at home here (2/3/08) 

Development Services Brochure 

Renton School District Brochure

2012 Renton Trails & Bikeways Map 

Renton: A Formula for Success

People come to Renton to live and work in this leading high-tech region for many different reasons. New businesses are moving to Renton each year to provide an even greater variety of job opportunities and services. Office space and housing in this lakefront community are considerably less expensive than Seattle and Bellevue. Renton draws an exceptionally talented and extremely well-educated workforce from the region. With nationally recognized public schools, an excellent community college and nearby higher learning institutions, Renton offers a learning environment that benefits employees and their children. The City's parks, theaters, concerts, festivals and special events provide diverse entertainment opportunities for residents, employees and visitors.


For additional information, please email Clarice Martin, Economic Development, or call 425.430.7263.