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Shopping locally helps Renton businesses, employees, and residents - and the entire community - survive and thrive!  Next time you need to buy something, want to go out to eat, or are looking for something fun to do, think first about where you can go in Renton to satisfy your interests.  Opportunities abound for Renton residents and employees to shop locally to meet their needs - and support the local community at the same time.   

Hundreds of national and regional chains and independent local businesses all call the Renton marketplace home.  Some of Renton's largest retail stores include the Northwest’s first IKEA, the only Fry’s Electronics in the state, and the Renton Automall.  However, the vast majority of retailers in Renton are smaller businesses that provide an invaluable range of services and products.  

Downtown Renton has historically provided numerous restaurants, shops, and entertainment options for the greater Renton community, but there are dozens of other opportunities each, for example, at The Landing in North Renton or the Highlands in Northeast Renton, in the Benson Hill/Cascade communities or Southwest Renton, along the NE 4th Street, Rainier Avenue, and Grady Way corridors, and in other neighborhoods throughout Renton.  

Collectively, Renton’s retail businesses employ thousands of individuals and add hundreds of millions of dollars to the local economy.  The business community also provided over $24 million in sales tax revenue to the City of Renton in 2008, representing about 26 percent of the city’s overall general fund revenue.  

When you shop locally in Renton you: 

  • Sustain local jobs and help businesses employ your family, friends, and neighbors. 
  • Embrace Renton's diverse locally-owned and managed businesses. 
  • Support locally created products, food, and arts. 
  • Help maintain strong and diverse neighborhoods with distinct shopping and restaurant opportunities. 
  • Reduce the transportation energy consumption and costs, congestion, pollution, and time to travel to other destinations. 
  • Help independent Renton businesses compete more effectively, thereby maintaining a broader range of products and services in the marketplace. 
  • Provide businesses with revenue to be able to reinvest profits here and lend support to local charities, civic organizations, associations, and causes. 
  • Provide a portion of your sales tax to the City of Renton for public services in our community. 
  • Support local entrepreneurship to fuel economic innovation and prosperity. 

Shop Renton to help local Renton businesses, employees, and residents - and the entire community - survive and thrive!