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Renton Demographics

In 2015, ESRI estimated that in the City of Renton:

  • The total population was 98,678*
  • There were 38,617 households
  • The median home value was $357,808
  • The average household income was $78,957
  • The average net worth was $406,475
  • The median age was 36.4

*According to the Washington State Office of Financial Management, Renton's population in 2015 was 98,470.

For additional information, check out the various Renton demographic reports or the summary Renton demographic composite below.  The information includes base data for 2010, estimates for 2015, and projections for 2020 as available.

Renton’s Top Three Tapestry Segments

2D.  Enterprising Professionals


8A.  City Lights


11C. Metro Fusion


Cumulative Total (Top Three Tapestry Segments):


For more information, check out the Renton Tapestry Segmentation Area Profile.

For more background information regarding Tapestry Segmentation, check out the Tapestry Segmentation flyer or the detailed Tapestry Segmentation Reference Guide

Sources:  ESRI (2015) and U.S. Census Bureau (2010).  Although represented to be reliable, the information is not guaranteed and should be independently verified.