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2018-2023 Vision, Mission, Business Plan

[Downloadable Business Plan Document]


Renton - The center of opportunity in the Puget Sound Region where families and businesses thrive.


The City of Renton, in partnership and communication with residents, businesses, and schools, is dedicated to:

  • Providing a safe, healthy, welcoming atmosphere where people choose to live
  • Promoting economic vitality and strategically positioning Renton for the future
  • Supporting planned growth and influencing decisions that impact the city
  • Building an inclusive informed city with opportunities for all
  • Meeting service demands through high quality customer service, innovation,
    a positive work environment, and a commitment to excellence

Business Plan Goals

  • Providing a safe, healthy, vibrant community
    • Promote safety, health, and security through effective communication and service delivery
    • Facilitate successful neighborhoods through community involvement
    • Encourage and partner in the development of quality housing choices for
      people of all ages and income levels
    • Promote a walkable, pedestrian and bicycle-friendly city with complete streets,
      trails, and connections between neighborhoods and community focal points
    • Provide opportunities for communities to be better prepared for emergencies
  • Promote economic vitality and strategically position Renton for the future
    • Promote Renton as the progressive, opportunity- rich city in the Puget Sound region
    • Capitalize on opportunities through bold and creative economic development strategies
    • Recruit and retain businesses to ensure a dynamic, diversified employment base
    • Nurture entrepreneurship and foster successful partnerships with businesses and community leaders
    • Leverage public/private resources to focus development on economic centers
  • Support planned growth and influence decisions that impact the city
    • Foster development of vibrant, sustainable, attractive, mixed-use neighborhoods in urban centers
    • Uphold a high standard of design and property maintenance
    • Advocate Renton’s interests through state and federal lobbying efforts, regional partnerships and other organizations
    • Pursue transportation and other regional improvements and services that improve quality of life
    • Balance development with environmental protection 
  • Building an inclusive informed city with opportunities for all
    • Improve access to city services, programs and employment, and make residents and businesses aware of opportunities to be involved with their community
    • Build connections with ALL communities that reflect the breadth and richness of the diversity in our city
    • Promote understanding and appreciation of our diversity through celebrations and festivals
    • Provide critical and relevant information on a timely basis and facilitate two-way dialogue between city government and the community
  • Meet service demands and provide high quality customer service
    • Plan, develop, and maintain quality services, infrastructure, and amenities
    • Prioritize services at levels that can be sustained by revenue
    • Retain a skilled workforce by making Renton the municipal employer of choice
    • Develop and maintain collaborative partnerships and investment strategies that improve services
    • Respond to growing service demands through partnerships, innovation, and outcome management