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Shoreline Master Program Update

Shoreline Master Program Approved

On November 10, 2011, the Washington State Department of Ecology approved Renton’s Shoreline Master Program. The policies and regulations adopted in Ordinance #5633 became effective November 24, 2011, subject to a handful of changes made during the final approval process.

Table of Changes [331 KB]

Final Shoreline Environment Overlay Map [9.12 MB]

Ordinance #5633 (includes regulations) [6.67 MB]

Ordinance #5633 Exhibits (includes policies, map, and restoration plan) [4.01 MB]

Shoreline regulations have been codified in the Renton Municipal Code. You can find them primarily in sections 4-3-090 Shoreline Management, 4-9-190 Shoreline Permits, and 4-10-095 Shoreline Master Program, Nonconforming Uses, Activities, Structures, and Sites.

The following document may help you better understand the approved SMP and how it may affect your property.  

Waterfront Homes FAQ [308 KB]

Project Overview

The City of Renton is updated its Shoreline Master Program (SMP) in accordance with the Washington State Shoreline Management Act (SMA) governed by RCW 90.58 and WAC 173-26. All jurisdictions in Washington State are required to develop, maintain, and periodically update their SMP. It is the purpose of the SMA to manage the shoreline for long term benefit by preserving ecology and natural character and increasing recreational opportunities and public access. Uses that alter natural character, but are dependent upon the shoreline are also recognized as an important part of the SMP.

Renton has four shorelines subject to the SMP. These shorelines are: the Cedar River, Lake Washington, Springbrook Creek, and May Creek. Shorelines planning includes the water body as well as the shore lands within 200 feet of the water line. Wetlands associated with the water body are also included.

Shoreline Inventory and Analysis

The Shoreline Inventory and Analysis established the baseline conditions for the Shoreline Master Program.

Final Shoreline Inventory and Analysis [1.41 MB]

Maps from the Shoreline Inventory and Analysis:

1 - Shoreline Planning Area [191 KB]
1A - Lake Washington and May Creek Reaches [310 KB]
1B - Cedar River Reaches [376 KB]
1C - Black River, Springbrook Creek, and Green River Reaches [372 KB]
1D - Lake Desire Reaches [344 KB]
2 - Regional Context [171 KB]
3 - Topography [442 KB]
3A - Water Bodies and Wetlands [372 KB]
3B - Topography, Water Bodies, and Wetlands [444 KB]
4A - Landslide, Erosion, and Seismic Hazard Areas [242 KB]
4B - Surfacial Geology [247 KB]
4C - Critical Aquifer Recharge Area [209 KB]
4D - Fema Floodplain [201 KB]
4E - Cedar River Floodplain [260 KB]
4F - Black River, Green River, Springbrook Creek Floodplain [275 KB]
4G - May Creek Floodplain [193 KB]
5A - Fish Distribution [264 KB]
5B - Spawning, Rearing or Presence of Salmonids, and Salmon Stock Inventory [192 KB]
5C - Wildlife Heritage Points and Bald Eagle Nesting Areas [189 KB]
6 - Shoreline Permits 2003-2009 [374 KB]
6A - Shoreline Permits 2003-2009 [303 KB]
7 - Impaired Water [209 KB]
8 - Renton Comprehensive Plan Land Use [269 KB]
8A - Renton Zoning [286 KB]
8B - King County Zoning [312 KB]
8C - King County Comprehensive Land Use [237 KB]
8D - Impervious Surface [426 KB]
8E - Land Cover [369 KB]
8F - Impervious Surface Due to Roadways and Buildings [207 KB]
9A - Transportation - Roads [245 KB]
9B - Storm Surface Water System [244 KB]
9C - Sanitary Sewer System [278 KB]
9D - Sanitary Sewer System Structures [374 KB]
10A - Lake Washington and May Creek Public Land, Vacant Land, and Park Land [342 KB]
10B - Black River, Springbrook Creek, and Green River Public, Vacant, and Park Land [354 KB]
10C - Cedar River Public, Vacant, and Park Land [409 KB]
11A - Shoreline Modifications [381 KB]
11B - Shoreline Modifications [334 KB]
11C - Shoreline Modifications [337 KB]
11D - Shoreline Modifications [138 KB]
11E - Shoreline Modifications [343 KB]
11F - Shoreline Modifications [357 KB]
11G - Shoreline Modifications [334 KB]
11H - Shoreline Modifications [142 KB]
12A - Renton Parks and Trails [310 KB]
13A - Channel Migration Zone [499 KB]
13B - Channel Migration Zone [476 KB]
13C - Channel Migration Zone [572 KB]
13D - Channel Migration Zone [385 KB]