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Campaign Advertising

Ad campaign focuses on Renton's unique and diverse opportunities

Four of the many reasons why Renton is the Center of Opportunity in the Puget Sound region where families and businesses thrive have recently been highlighted in the Puget Sound Business Journal and 425 magazine, and on KUOW National Public Radio.  Click on the pictures below to see elements of this unique advertising campaign.


Hawks Forge Dreams Flight




Foodies Flock

Together our reach is global.  Our partnership, legendary.

City of Renton and Boeing

The Renton Community Marketing Campaign published the following ad in May 2010 to celebrate The Boeing Company's new 40-year lease agreement for the Renton Municipal Airport.  Renton is proud to have been the home of The Boeing Company for 68 years.  The first commercial jet, the Boeing 707, was made in Renton, and the best selling jets in history have been assembled in Renton ever since.  More than 40 percent of the jetliners in the air around the world today took their maiden flight from Renton Municipal Airport.  Read more.   

In addition to the 737 Program, Renton is also the world headquarters for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Boeing Capital Corporation, and Boeing Shared Services Group.