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Inspection Instruction Guide

Welcome to Voice Permits
Schedule an Inspection
Cancel Inspections
Check Inspection Status
Inspection Types

New Permitting System

Eventually we will offer more Online Permit types, Land Use Actions, Business Licenses, Pet Licenses, Code Compliance Requests, Inspection Scheduling and much much more. As we make more of these transactions available online, we will be focusing on the staff becoming comfortable with the system so that they will be able to help you should you have questions.

The new Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system for scheduling inspections is much easier than our previous system with some major changes:

  1. You must use an IVR number in place of your Permit Number to request an inspection. If you need assistance with scheduling an inspection please call 425-430-7200 Opt 1.
  2. The deadline for scheduling your next day inspection will be midnight.
  3. Inspections may be scheduled for up to five (5) days in advance.
  4. You can also leave your phone number or special instructions for the Inspector.

Now available on is the ability to search permits and land use actions by address, date range, and by permit/land use number.  Now also available the ability to request, cancel, and view inspections online, click here to be redirected to online inspection scheduling. For instructions and/or more information on how to schedule your inspection online go to Inspection Help Guide.

Welcome to Interactive Voice Response System for Inspections

In an ongoing commitment to improve customer service, the City of Renton building department has installed an Interactive Voice Response System for inspections, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Voice Inspection Line - 425-430-7202

  • Schedule Inspections 
  • Cancel Inspections
  • Check Permit status
  • Check Inspection Status


  • A touch tone telephone
  • A Permit specific IVR Number
  • An Inspection Type


  • Press [1] Check Permit Status
  • Press [2] Check Inspection Status
  • Press [3] Request a New Inspection
  • Press [4] Cancel a Requested Pending Inspection
  • Press [5] Change Date of Requested Pending Inspection
  • Press [6] Switch to a Different Permit

The Voice Permits system will prompt you through the following steps during each call.

Request (Schedule) an Inspection Press #3

  1. Enter the IVR Number The system will confirm this permit by speaking back the permit number and the site address.
  2. Enter the Inspection Type (see below or your inspection card for types)
  3. Enter the Inspection Date  The cut-off time is Midnight for an inspection on the following business day.
  4. Enter AM or PM - Request Only depending on Inspector's daily workload

After you have scheduled the inspection, you will be able to:

  • Hang up
  • Request another inspection, same permit
  • Request another inspection, different permit
  • Return to Main Menu

Cancel Inspection Press #4

  • Enter the IVR Number
  • Enter the Inspection Type
  • Enter the Inspection Date
    The cut-off time is Midnight to cancel an inspection on the following business day.
    This system does not allow you to cancel an inspection on the same day it is scheduled for. Please contact your inspector directly for this.

After you have cancelled the inspection, you will be able to:

  • Cancel another inspection, same permit
  • Cancel another inspection, different permit
  • Return to Main Menu
  • Hang up

Check Inspection Status Press #2

  1. Enter the IVR Number
  2. Enter the Inspection Type

Return to Main Menu

Transfer to Staff & General Information

You may press [0] any time between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm to speak with a department representative.

Building Inspections are conducted between 7:30 am and 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.


Mike Allen, Combination 425-430-7213
Phil Hudgens, Combination 425-430-7274
Jack Oxford, Electrical 425-430-7275
Scott Mitchell, Combination 425-430-7269
Ryan Puddy, Electrical 425-430-7273
Mike Trimberger, Electrical 425-430-7218
Craig Burnell, Bldg. Official 425-430-7290

Inspection Types

Building, Demolition, Grading, and Pool Inspections
Combination Inspections
Electrical Inspections
Mechanical Inspections
Plumbing Inspections
Sign Inspections

 Building, Demolition,
Grading, and Pool Inspections: 

 105  Erosion Control
 108  Other
 110   Footing 
 111  Foundation
 112  Framing
 113  Shearwall/GWB Nailing
 114  Insulation
 115  Roof
 116  Ceiling
 117  Critical Areas
 118  Landscaping
 119  Footing Retaining Wall
 120  Foundation Retaining Wall
 121  Pool Foundation
 154  Electrical Pool
 155  UFER Ground
 156  Underfloor
 157  Mechanical Pool
158  Plumbing Pool
 100  Final


 Combination Inspections:
 108  Other
 110  Footing
 111  Foundation
 113  Shearwall/GWB Nailing
 115  Roof
 116  Ceiling
 368  Mechanical Rough-In
 441  Water Service
 505  Erosion Control
 512  Framing
 514  Insulation
 521  Electrical Rough-In
 527  Electrical Service
 553  Plumbing Rough-In
 556  Underfloor
 599  Electrical Final
 500  Final


Mechanical Inspections:
 330  Furnace
 331  Heat Pump
 332  Grease Hood
 334  Boiler
 335  Fireplace
 336  Unit Heater
 337  Gas Piping
 338  Mechanical Other
 339  Ducts
 340  Commercial Refrigeration
 341  Fire Dampers
 350  A/C System
 351  Exhaust Fan
 352  Chilled/Heating Water
 354  Refrigerant Piping
 355  Smoke Dampers
 368  Mechanical Rough-In
 369  Mechanical Ceiling Cover
 300  Final


 Electrical Inspections:
 219  Temporary Power 
 220  Underground
 221  Rough-In Wiring
 222  Underslab
 223  Rough-In Wall Conduit/Cover
 224  Fire Alarm - Wiring
 226  Fire Alarm Panel
 227  Electrical Service
 228  Rough-In Ceiling Conduit/Cover
 229   Electrical Other 
 230  Rough-In Grounding
 266  Low Voltage - Walls
 267  Low Voltage - Ceiling
 273  Feeders
 274  Circuits
 200  Final


Plumbing Inspections
 437  Gas Piping
 440  Underground Waste & Vent
 441  Water Service
 442  Rough-In Waste & Vent
 443  Rough-In Water
 444  Irrigation System
 445  Grease Trap
 446  Backflow Prevention Device
 447  Water Heater
 448  Medical Gas Piping
 449  Plumbing Other
 400  Final


Sign Inspections:  
 670  Temporary Sign
 671  A-Frame
 672  Sign Foundation
 600  Final