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Standard Details

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Table of Contents

Section B - Surface Water, Wastewater and Water Distribution
Section F - Curbs, Approaches, Gutters and Sidewalks
Section G - Signs and Sign Supports
Section H - Delineators and Miscellaneous Construction
Section J - Illumination and Signals

The City of Renton has adopted the Washington State Department of Transportation Standard Plans except as noted in these tables.

Section B - Surface Water, Wastewater and Water Distribution

Utility Systems Standard Detail Documents 

Section F - Curbs, Approaches, Gutters and Sidewalks

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Cement Concrete Curbs COR STD PLAN 101
Cement Concrete Curb Installation at Catch Basin COR STD PLAN 101.1
Cement Concrete Sidewalk COR STD PLAN 102
Utility Placement In Cement Concrete Sidewalk  COR STD PLAN 102.1
Typical Sidewalk  F007 
Curb & Gutter Replacement Detail  COR STD PLAN 103
 Cement Concrete Driveway Entrance - Types C1, C2, C3, and C-Max  COR STD. PLAN 104  
 Cement Concrete Driveway Entrance - Type R1  COR STD. PLAN 104.1  
 Cement Concrete Driveway Entrances - Notes And Details  COR STD. PLAN 104.2  
 Cement Concrete Driveway Entrance – Type R1B  COR STD. PLAN 104.3  
 Cement Concrete Driveway Entrance - Types C1B, C2B, C3B, and C-MAXB COR STD PLAN 104.4
Cement Concrete Driveway Entrances Various Isometric Views  COR STD. PLAN 104.5  
Typical Construction and Adjustment of Manhole Risers COR STD PLAN 106 
Service Cab w/BBS Attached for Signalized Intersections COR STD. PLAN 122.2
Policy For Minor Mod's To Signal Systems At Ped. Street Crossings  COR STD PLAN 130

 Section G - Signs and Sign Supports

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Sign Mounting Details G009.2 
Sign Mounting on Single Metal Post COR STD PLAN 129
Sign Mounting on Signal Pole Mast Arm (Fixed Mount) COR STD PLAN 132
Neighborhood Entry Sign      COR STD PLAN 133
Ground Mounted Street Name Signs (For Speed Less Than 40 MPH) COR STD PLAN 134

Section H - Delineators and Miscellaneous Construction

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Channelization Markers Detail H001 
Channelization Markers Detail H002 
Two-way Left Turn - Arrows H006 
Raised Pavement Markers and Precast Block Traffic Curbs H007 
Raised Pavement Marking Details H007.2 
Raised Pavement Marker Substitution Patterns H007.3 
Pavement Marking Details H008 
Pavement Marking Details - Sheet 1 of 2 H008.1 
Pavement Marking Details - Sheet 2 of 2 H008.2 
Pavement Markings H009 
Pavement Markings - Sheet 2 of 3 H009.1 
Pavement Markings - Sheet 3 of 3 H009.2 
Thru & Left Turn Only Arrow Detail H010 
Thru & Right Turn Only Arrow Detail H011 
Painted/Thermoplastic Crosswalk COR STD PLAN 127
Typical 5 Lane- 58' Roadway Pavement Markings H013 
Traffic Curb Island w/Curb Ramp Detail H014 
Traffic Circle H015 
Standard Speed Bump & Bump Sign Details (For Alley Use Only) H016 
Guide Posts H017 
Type III Barricade - Sheet 1 of 2 H018 
Type III Barricade - Sheet 2 of 2 H018.1 
Removable Wooden Bollard H021 
Fixed Wooden Bollard H022 
Cement Concrete Stairway Construction Details H023 
Steel Pipe Handrail for Sidewalk H024 
Steel Pipe Handrail for Bike Path H025 
USPS Neighborhood Delivery & Collection Box Unit (Mailbox) Install H026 
Mailbox Installation - Sheet 1 of 3 H027 
Mailbox Installation - Sheet 2 of 3 H028 
Mailbox Installation - Sheet 3 of 3 H029 
Mailbox Support - Sheet 1 of 2 H030 
Mailbox Support - Sheet 2 of 2 H030.1 
Monument Case & Cover H031 
Typical Longitudinal Patch and Overlay for Flexible Pavement H032 
Typical Transverse Patch for Flexible Pavement H032.1 
Typical Patch For Rigid Pavement Pavement Patching & Restoration Detail H033 
Bus Shelter Footing H034 
Embankment at Bridge Ends H035 
Slope Treatment H036 
Thermoplastic/Painted Parallel Crosswalk COR_STD_PLAN_128

Section J - Illumination and Signals

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Standard 25' - 40' Davit Pole COR STD PLAN 115
Neighborhood Street Pedestrian Luminaire Fixture Details COR STD PLAN 116.1
Arterial Street Decorative Roadway Luminaire Pole Details COR STD PLAN 117.1
COR STD PLAN 117.2  
Luminaire Arm and Mounting Bracket Details COR STD PLAN 117.3
Downtown Decorative Pedestrain Luminaire Pole COR STD PLAN 117.4
Downtown Decorative Pedestrian Luminaire Pole Details COR STD PLAN 117.5
Strain Relief Detail COR STD PLAN 118
Typical Lighting Underground System COR STD PLAN 119
Concrete Pad Details COR STD PLAN 120 
Street Light Standard Decal Numbering System COR STD PLAN 121
Service Cabinet without BBS COR STD PLAN 122.1
Service Cabinet w/BBS attached for Signalized Intersections COR STD PLAN 122.2
Street Lighting Contactor Cabinet Schematic COR STD PLAN 123
Fuse Kit & Splice Kit Details J013 
Light Base and Junction Box Locations COR STD PLAN 124
Typical Concrete Pad Details COR STD PLAN 125
Cabinet Foundation Details COR STD PLAN 126.1 
Pedestrian Push Button and Sign Mounting Details J025 
Signal Head Location Detail WSDOT Design Man. Exhibit 1330-2
Detector Numbering System J034 
8' Type PS Pole STD PLAN 131
Transportation Notes COR STD PLAN 135