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  • A Guide to Renton City Government

    The City of Renton works in partnership with residents, businesses and schools to:

    • Provide a healthy, welcoming atmosphere where citizens choose to live, raise families and take pride in their community
    • Promote planned growth and economic vitality
    • Create a positive work environment
    • Meet service demands through innovation and commitment to excellence

    The city operates under the laws of the State of Washington as an "optional municipal code city," governed by the Renton Municipal Code. Code cities have broad authority within their geographic domain.  Renton is governed with a mayor-council form of government. Renton voters elect these eight officials "at-large," meaning there is no geographic representation to any position among the city's policy makers. 


    • Provides leadership to guide the functions of city government
    • Establishes policy positions for city departments to carry out
    • Implements the policy guidance given by the legislative branch (City Council)

    City Council 

    • 7 members
    • Principally responsible for policy-making
    • Meets each Monday
    • Passes ordinances and resolutions as a reflection of the City's policy direction

    Day-to-day operations of the city are carried out by more than 700 employees under the direction of the city's chief administrative officer.  As a general purpose, full-service government the city provides a host of services to residents and local businesses:

    Finally, the City of Renton believes in partnerships.  The city has teamed up with the Renton Chamber of CommerceRenton Technical CollegeValley Medical Center, and Renton School District to collectively market the Renton community.  The goal of this partnership is to recruit quality companies to locate operations in Renton and diversify Renton's employment base. The campaign has received national recognition, not only for its effectiveness, but also for the unique collaboration and partnership among community stakeholders.


     Renton is the perfect place to live, work, and play - Watch "The Center of Opportunity" video.
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    City Facts:

    • Incorporated as a City on September 6, 1901.
    • Fourth largest city in King County; 8th largest city in Washington state; Renton has experienced the third highest population growth since 2000 (84.99%).
    • Almost 101,300 residents in 23.79 square miles.

    Volunteer Opportunities:

    The City's success in serving residents and businesses alike is dependent not only on City staff but also on the work of volunteers.  Not only do volunteers greet each visitor at the front door of City Hall to help them find and access City services, but volunteers participate in city boards, commissions or advisory committees.  There are also community events and special projects in which the contribution of volunteers is key to the City's success.

    How to Find Out More:

    To learn more about the services provided by and resources available at the City, please visit our City Departments and Services or check out Cable Channel 21, Renton's cable television channel dedicated to government programming.  For the latest news and announcements about Renton's government, visit City News.