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City Center Community Plan

City Center Community Plan Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is responsible for helping to ensure the City Center Community Plan is advanced.  The Board will make recommendations regarding the priorities of the Plan.

The City Center Community Plan

The City selected City Center Community Planning area as the first community to begin the Community Planning effort with.  This plan has three primary areas of focus: transportation, land use, and community vitality.  In order to develop the plan the City held many public events.  These events provided an opportunity for residents to express concerns, identify issues, and share ideas for making the City Center a better place.  Phase I of the plan has been finalized and is available with the link below.  This document lays out the goals and objectives as identified by residents, business owners/operators, and other stakeholders for improving the City Center over the next 20 years.  On June 6, 2011 Renton City Council adopted the City Center Community Plan.